Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yard Waste

In a few more weeks, a great new change will take effect with yard waste collection in Seattle. We've been able to compost plant-based food scraps for about a year, but beginning March 30, we can add meats and dairy items to the same yard waste bin: bones, milk, cheese and shells. Not all homes and apartments are signed up with yard waste service, but even the largest container is less than $7/month. Across the three standard sizes of residential cans, yard waste disposal rates are about half the cost of garbage.

My 16-unit condo building has had reasonable success with composting food scraps; right now, I think less than half the building composts, but seven households diverting food from the standard waste bin is a great start. Education is the main issue with the other folks--but since the rules are less complicated than they used to be, hopefully everyone can improve. And if you live in a condo or apartment and don't currently use a yard waste bin or it's not big enough for everyone to use it, talk to your HOA board or landlords and get the building signed up. Imagine a whole building's worth of pizza boxes every month--and now imagine all of them getting turned into compost.

You can find all the information at the Seattle Public Utilities.

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